12 Mar

2 Thessalonians 3:5“May the Lord lead your hearts into a full understanding and expression of the love of God and the patient endurance that comes from Christ.”

My pastor asked us the other day, what is the Bible about, it is a Story of God’s Love, a story of God’s History, It is His Story of Love, patience and endurance.

So the question today is: How can we be part of God’s story? Be part of History? What Legacy are you leaving behind for the people you love?

The good news is that to become part of His Story we just need to accept Him as our Savior and turn away from our sinful nature. We need to leave our sinful lives behind and start our lives with a new love filled story which becomes His story through our lives. He needs to be our focus every day.

The answer is so simple, just build a loving relationship with Him daily by spending time with Him in His word, through worship and prayer. Start living in love, kindness, patience, endurance with a grateful heart. However, it is easier said than done because the enemy is there to steal from us. He tares at us through the people around us, the people we love, through our circumstances, and he takes our focus away from God so that we become despondent, impatient, bitter, greedy, ungrateful. We sometimes become so self-involved we don’t see someone’s else’s pain, we don’t see God’s hand in our lives and we don’t feel God’s love.

My fellow gentiles we need to guard our hearts and our minds from the enemies lies and deception. We need to stand up in boldness and authority through the Blood of Christ against our enemy who was defeated on the cross. The enemy is nothing, he is the serpent of the earth, that will crumble under our feet. It is time to STOP, take up your armor of God and fight the good fight. Be God’s hands and feet on the earth right there where you are. 

Claim your territory as a child of God, a Kings Daughter or Son. Speak life into your lives, businesses, families, spouses, friends and even co-workers.

Each one of us was born for a purpose whether it is short lived or long lived, we were made to make a difference in someone’s life. To build God’s Kingdom step by step each day. You may just leave a seed, you may be the one to water that seed, you may be the one that helps the seed grow, you may be there to help the plant reach its full potential and blossom. 

The question is will you be there? Will you be part of His Story?

Will people remember you as the one who changed people’s stories? The one that was full of understanding and expressed the love of God, had patience and endurance and was part of history to build His Story for the people around you.

Just something to think about!

Love Liesel

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