27 Apr
To be loved and cherished by her husband is a woman's heartfelt desire in marriage!
Is married life all you had hoped and dreamed it would be? Do you feel cherished, honored and adored? Or, do you feel neglected, unappreciated and unloved?  The role of a woman when played correctly is fulfilling, fascinating and full of intrigue. 
I would like to share my walk as a Wife.  I made many mistakes but God is so good and faithful, He uses our mistakes as building blocks for growth in our marriage and character. Sometimes I new all the things I know today when I got married but then I wouldn't have learned all I have learnt over the years to share with you.
I believe that we all go through things in life so that we can share our experiences with each other and help each other to become the amazing wives we are meant to be.
I pray that God will reveal Himself to you through my journey and experiences and that you could be inspired and encouraged to embark on a vibrant walk with God which in turn will lead to your marriage relationship transformation at the deepest level. 
That your own life is impacted in this manner and that you will begin to impact your husband, family and the world around you for the better. 
I'm looking forward to our journey together.


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