02 May

I have always appreciated, accepted and admired my husband but never told him so, partly because I thought he must know it. Reading Fascinating Womanhood, I realized I sometimes get so busy and are mentally occupied with my own world and the kids that I neglected to take time and admire my husband and to really listen to what he is saying.

What is the difference between to admire your husband and to appreciate him? You appreciate your husband for his worth and what he does for you, whereas you admire him for his manliness.

Deep in every man's heart he longs for admiration of his manliness such as his masculine skills, abilities, achievements, ideas, dreams and manly body. Just as you need love he needs admiration.

The center of a woman's happiness in marriage is to be loved, but the center of a man is to be admired.

He likes receiving it from people but most of all he needs to hear it from the woman he loves, knows him the best and and who respects him for who he is.

A wife who can look past her husbands human frailties and discover things to genuinely admire, things which others don't notice or appreciate is a wife to be treasured, as she gives him admiration he returns love.

Rules for Admiring your husband is:

  • Accept him at face value,
  • Think about him,
  • Observe him,
  • Listen to him talk, 
  • Express admiration in words,
  • Be sincere,
  • Be specific.


  1. Write down 10 masculine things you admire about him.
  2. During the coming week observe your husband, listen to him talk, if you hear and see any masculine qualities express your admiration.
  3. Ask him to write down ten things he likes about you and you'll do the same for him. Read your lists to each other, taking time to explain why you admire these traits.

With Love



Personal experiences and Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin

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