30 Apr

The most wonderful part of my life is that I really love my husband so much and I know that he loves me deeply in return. This is the greatest joy that any one can experience. 

To appreciate your husband means to be grateful for him as a person and the things he does for you.

Look for traits in his character to appreciate daily such as his honesty, dependability, kindness and love. When you appreciate these virtues you help him become a better man and strengthen your relationship.

Appreciate your husband's intellectual features such as his education, knowledge, good judgement, he may even have special talents.

Notice and appreciate the many little things he does for you, such as when he carries in the groceries, opens your door, remembers your birthday (even if you reminded him a few times a few days before haha), making supper. Appreciate the things he does do around the house such as watering the garden, cleans the swimming pool or vehicles. Also appreciate the time he spends with the children no matter how much.

The most important that you can appreciate is his occupation in making a living, his many hours away from home to provide a living for his family. To be able to provide for his family is extremely important to a man. It builds his self confidence and self-worth, it is one of his greatest accomplishments, therefore your appreciation may mean more to him than his paycheck.

Take head an ungrateful wife is a fundamental cause of serious marriage problems.


Make a list of the virtues in his character, his intelligence and the things he does for you. During the week express your appreciation for these things. Make a point to start doing this continually but honestly.



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