04 Dec

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13: 

We are all equipped to be happy but we just lack the right perspective. Maintain the right perspective on your life. We each have something in this moment that we can feel happy about: our health, our job, our family or an opportunity. Become grateful for what you have. Appreciate the day given to you. 

Look at birds – they know God has promised to take care of them. Therefore, they spend the day singing and enjoying life, regardless of the circumstances. This is exactly how we should start every day. Get out of bed with a song of praise in your heart. Smile wide. Meet the day with joy. Be determined to enjoy it all the time. 1 Thessalonians 5:16 "Always rejoice." 

We all experience disappointments, injustices, trials and tribulations, temptations. But know for sure, after the ordeal comes the breakthrough. The obstacles in your path are not there to get you down. They are there to make you stronger and bigger. 

When you are disappointed, your negative emotions tends to make you feel depressed and discouraged. Self-pity will start to beat you up, but instead of giving in, you have to encourage yourself. Stand up, be strong and courageous. There are still good days ahead. Make a statement of faith for each situation. Get rid of the discouragement and put on a new robe of praise. Just like the Israelite's in the wilderness, they kept forgetting what the Lord had just done for them and began to complain again and to stare at their circumstances. 

Look at what the Lord has already accomplished in your life. Thank Him for the victories in your past. Be thankful that He has already brought you this far, and then go even further. Thank the Lord in advance for all the victories He will bring you in the future. Thank Him for the new doors He will open and the situations He will swing in your favor. Thank Him for His favor that lies ahead of you. 

When you do this, your faith will grow stronger and you will feel joy rising in you. When you praise and glorify God, the heavy-hearted spirit will simply have to give way. God always remains in control, no matter what circumstances look like or how you feel. God is greater than your problems. Just get your attitude right, turn your negative attitude around to thanksgiving – even if you do not feel like it. Remove the restrictions you place on God in your mind. God has prepared victories for you that will amaze you. He will bring deliverance in many unusual ways so that the glory goes to Him and not with you. The darker things get, the closer you are to your victory. Remember, the enemy is fighting just as hard to stop your breakthrough. Do not be discouraged. Do not start complaining. Just continue your sacrifice of praise to the Lord. 

Happiness should not be dictated by your circumstances. Your reaction to things that happen determines whether you will stay happy or whether you will give in to your negative feelings and have your joy stolen. If you allow circumstances to determine your joy, you will always have a reason to feel discouraged. It is good to have plans, but you should present those plans to God before your day begins. 

Prayer: “Lord this is what I want to achieve today, but because I know You are in control of my life I present my plans to You. Regardless of what is going to happen to me today, I will accept everything calmly and full of inner peace – in the knowledge that you are leading me and that everything will go according to Your plan in my favor.

With Love


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