21 Jun

After healing a man of leprosy (Mark 1:41-42), "Jesus sent him away at once with a strong warning: ’see that you don’t tell this to anyone...'" (Mark 1:43-44). 

I was always puzzled by this, to our way of thinking, it would seem that Jesus would want everyone to know about the miracle. But Jesus knew that publicity over such miracles might hinder His mission and divert public attention from His message. With everything we do it should always be known that the miracles come from God and not the one doing the miracle.

Today God showed me that boastfulness leads to pride.

When we seek recognition and want people to acknowledge us the whole time or we boast what we do to get recognition we come to realise that we are becoming prideful. 

God was a great example of having a servants heart while being here on earth, He didn't want people to tell others what He has done because God His Father should always get all the Glory. He wanted to teach us about boastfulness and that it can lead to pride for ourselves. 

We are usually boastful about what we do for one reason,- recognition and it stems out of insecurity or pride.

I realised when we provide a service we do it for their benefit, to enhance their company not me, because a servants heart is not boastful, you don't want recognition from people. God will give you the acknowledgement you need when and if you need it, His way. 

We should not force acknowledgement or recognition for what we do. You do what you do to use your skills to help and for the good of others. I heard someone saying the other day, when you choose a work, choose something to help others.

When I think back in the old days... when I just started, my business I did the work because I loved it and enjoyed it. I never boasted that I did it and made it about me. I just did what had to be done to the best of my ability to ensure event was a success. The client looked good. 

God gave me the recognition over the years and that was enough but somewhere down the line the recognition turned into boastfulness, my service became about the me and I - I did it, I made it work, I made it happen.... how dare someone else take the credit, how dare I not get the acknowledgement, how dare they not acknowledge me, and that is why clients was unsure to have me around because I don't give the company or my client the credit which makes it easy for their clients to rather use me which is and was never my intent. I am loyal to my clients but because I were boastful it became a problem.

Romans 12:3 "For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned." 

When working for someone as an employee or contractor it is not about you it is about the service you provide to the company and it's owner. To help them become the success they were meant to be.

You are actually only doing what you are supposed to, what you are getting paid for. Your reward should be in providing the best service for the company. The company needs to get the recognition for the service they provide, our contribution is to be part of their success, not our own. We need to stay meak and humble says the Lord.

As a business owner when we provide a great service the Glory goes to God for providing us the talents, the skills, the knowledge, the experience, the wisdom, the clients - it is never about "me", when the "me" becomes more important it becomes pridefulness, it becomes boasting, it becomes about recognition for "me".

Pride is not just thinking you're the best it is trying to force your way of thinking onto others. We lead by example not by what we say or boast about. Let us live a life of giving Glory to God in everything we do, and being thankful for the opportunities He provides us.

Let's start each day with, How can I help you! 

With Love


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