09 Mar

What is it that makes you anxious? Nervous? Unsettled? Afraid? I’m not talking about normal external fears like snakes, spiders, or the fear of flying. I’m wondering what keeps you up at night, those things that ricochet in your mind and refuse to be quieted. Your business going bankrupt. Not getting married. Or being stuck in a bad marriage. Having your health fail. Draining your savings account just to get by. 

We don’t know what exact fears were running through David’s mind, but it’s clear he was troubled about his safety and perhaps his future. Because after asking God to search his heart, David prayed, “know my anxious thoughts” (Ps. 139:23). He wanted to share his worst fears with God. To face them and give them a name. To trust that God was bigger than any fear David could dream up. Are you willing to pray such a prayer? “Lord, reveal what holds my mind hostage. Show me what I fear the most. Go ahead, help me face what terrifies me.” 

Fear is probably one of the most debilitating emotions in the business world and even in your personal life. It plays havoc with one’s thoughts and ones actions, especially during the small hours of the night when things seem to be at their worst. As an entrepreneur, continuously trying something new you have successes and failures. When the failures happen, my trust in God starts to weaken my thoughts snowball out of control. What if I don't make it? What if my business goes bankrupt? What if I don't have enough money each month to pay my bills.Then it hit me. The things that kept me awake at night were the things that I wasn’t trusting God to handle. I was holding onto them, ruminating over them, trying to find a way to gain control over them, to solve all my problems, to plan for every contingency.

I then realised what we fear matters. God showed me that what I feared the most revealed where I trusted God the least. I have often struggled with fear of failure, fear of poverty and mainly fear of people. By being human, we tend to become discouraged and fear slowly find it’s way into our hearts.

Thankfully, by the grace of God, business breakthroughs came through but my trials and tribulations exposed one of my worst weaknesses. Fear had consumed me. What about you? What are the areas that you’re clinging to even while allowing them to terrify you? What fears are you withholding from God? Think about it. If you’re gripped with fear about the future of your business or your marriage or any area of your life, this is an indication that you don’t completely trust God with your business, your marriage or those area's. If you’re overwhelmed with worry about how you will pay your bills, this reveals that you may not be trusting God to be your provider. If you’re paralyzed with worry about the safety of your children, could it be that you aren’t trusting God to keep them safe? As God reveals your fears, he will also build your faith. You need him. You need his presence. You need his power. You need his Spirit guiding you. You need his Word strengthening you. 

What you fear the most shows you where you need to grow with God. What do you fear? What are your anxious thoughts? What is God showing you? Where do you need to grow in faith? Trust him.

(Philippians 4:6) “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.

Enjoy your journey of personal and spiritual growth.



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